Tuesday, February 06, 2007

American iTUNES!!!!!

My Digital EP is now available on American iTUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just search Ross Copperman and you can download the 3 song EP. It's about time.

Go to myspace.com/rosscopperman to hear a preview.

Monday, October 30, 2006

So things are going well here in the UK. I was single of the week on Itunes last week and had 37,000 downloads just in the UK which broke the UK iTunes record for most downloads EVER in a week. I'm shooting music video no. 2 next month and the 1st big single drops in January followed by the album in March!! Should be an exciting new year. hope all is well in roanoke. I miss it!!! I' will be home for christmas and hopefully playing a little guitar set at mill mountain in salem on christmas eve.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I got my first national radio play of "as i choke," tonight in the UK. Hopefully this is the first of many!! I'm on my way back to Virginia tommorow morning for a week. Looking foward to seeing my family and friends.



Thursday, August 03, 2006

So I just shot my first music video. It was quite an amazing experience. We did the video for, "as i choke." It was mainly a performance video with me on this old antique grand piano with all these lights and things around me. As I played, the room slowly came to life and these projections of chaotic images like WW2, torandoes, bombs, etc, played on the screen behind me. Should come together really nicely. Anyways, it still hasn't hit me that I've actually made a music video. It was very surreal today.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

So i just got home tonight from the most amazing party. It was the album listening party for the new Outkast record. Of course i got to meet and have a good conversation with Andre and Big Boi which was quite surreal. I had my own "artist' table on this river boat at the party and then we all went up in the London eye, which is basically a giant ferris wheel in london to listen to the new album. ha. Anyways, quite an amazing night and both of the Outkast guys wished me good luck on my new record. wow. Anyways, hope all is well in Roanoke. I'll be home Aug 13-20 getting down in VA.

Friday, July 21, 2006

So I just got back from Spain. It was my first time and I was absolutely blown away. The food was incredible!!! We were doing the album cover photo shoot in the desert near a small town called Almeria. It was pretty cool shooting in the desert but it was 101 degrees and the sun was beating down on us the entire day!! Tough work but we got some great shots and had some amazing spanish food. We'll post the pictures as soon as we get some in.


and roll


Thursday, July 13, 2006

So I've now crossed the 3 month mark of living in London. It's a great city but I do still miss home. Next week should be quite exciting b/c we're going to Spain to shoot the album cover photos. I've never been to Spain so it should be a great experience. Tommorow morning I"m playing a show in Liverpool. HOME OF THE BEATLES. I've always wanted to goto Liverpool and see what it is about this city that produced such amaazing talent. Anyways, the show should be about 10K people so that should be pretty fun. haha. Anyways, hope all is well in the star city.