Monday, August 14, 2006


I got my first national radio play of "as i choke," tonight in the UK. Hopefully this is the first of many!! I'm on my way back to Virginia tommorow morning for a week. Looking foward to seeing my family and friends.




Blogger Veridiana said...

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7:05 PM

Blogger Veridiana said...

I am writing because I attended a video in the YOUTUBE and am fascinated with music that heard, and much will to know who sing it, reading the commentaries on the video, I read its name and imediatamante I searched in the Google, I found your website, wanted to hear musicas more its, but I did not find nothing. It would like to say that its voice is very pretty and its wonderful music. Congratulations. I live in Brazil, and here I did not find its musics, how I can hear more songs of you ?

Kisses =***


7:07 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Hey Ross!
You probably don't remember me, but we had an e-mail correspondence about a website I made (about you) for my final exam here in Norway. I am really excited to hear about your record deal and the upcoming album. Good luck! :)

2:30 AM

Blogger tuce said...

Dear Ross,
i am working at Radio ODTU, in Turkey. we are playing your new video single for 3 week.

please keep checking the site, we loved the song.. why not take place in Top 40..

With love..


7:16 AM

Blogger viola_vixen said...

Ross, I just have to say, you're bloody amazing! :D
I heard your song 'All She Wrote' on Fearne and Reggie's show on BBC Radio 1 this morning! I can't get it out of my head now!

Good luck for the future and with the album release!

Take care! Lots of love from Manchester, UK!

4:22 AM

Blogger joanne liyeng said...

Hi Ross.

Just so you know, you've got a fan here all the way in Malaysia.


7:34 AM


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