Tuesday, February 06, 2007

American iTUNES!!!!!

My Digital EP is now available on American iTUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just search Ross Copperman and you can download the 3 song EP. It's about time.

Go to myspace.com/rosscopperman to hear a preview.


Blogger Sarah & Lara said...

hey, your songs are great!! my favorite song is "believe". it's really touching...thank you a lot for your music! Lara

4:01 PM

Blogger Andy said...

Hi Ross,

Just thought you would like to read a review of your album in the Richmond Times-Dispatch here in the US.


5:38 AM

Blogger Rx Rulez said...

hey dude !! You Rock !!

believe n all she wrote r awesome
your lyrical ability is great !!

when will you come India for tour ?

2:45 AM

Blogger Steve Moss said...

Hi Ross,

My sister loves your music and has been trying to get a hold of a copy of the sheet music for "They'll Never Know".

Could you oblige?



5:45 AM

Blogger Fera said...

Hi Ross,

My favourite "Holding on and Letting Go". Loves it to the max...keep the music playing again and again in my ears. Keep it up!!

8:15 PM


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